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Bases and Depots
Along the Norwegian coastline, NOFO strategically stations 5 bases and 2 depots. These constitute a critical part of the oil spill preparedness, ensuring swift mobilization of oil spill response equipment and emergency vessels when necessary.

The purpose of these bases and depots is to maintain and ensure a high level of preparedness along the entire Norwegian continental shelf. Each individual base and depot is equipped with essential oil spill response equipment for collection and handling of oil spills. This equipment is designed to manage various types of oils that could potentially leak into the shelf. In addition to organizing drills and training, the bases are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the oil spill response equipment.

Round-the-clock manned surveillance is available at all bases year-round, ensuring rapid response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Kristiansund

    Visiting Address:
    NOFO Kristiansund
    c/o Nor-Sea Vestbase
    Hall 42C
    6517 Kristiansund

    Postal address (mail):
    NOFO Kristiansund
    c/o Nor-Sea Vestbase
    Omagata 122
    6517 Kristiansund N

    Tef: +47 71 58 22 76
    Fax: +47 71 58 29 12