HSE in an oil spill response operation

All activities are safe, responsible and won't cause any harm to people, the environment or equipment.

 The HSE folder will help you find whatever you need.


NOFO and the NCA have compiled an HSE folder for “Oil spill response operations”, the aim of which is to inform all our partners of our common criteria and guidelines for health, safety and the environment in connection with oil spill response operations.

The HSE folder comprises several parts, which may be used differently depending on your position in the response organisation, whether you are directing the operation or part of the response team on the shoreline.

Work on health, safety and the environment is an ongoing process, and the folder will therefore be updated regularly so that it remains useful and appropriate. If you have any suggestions for changes or think something is missing, please let us know. Send your input to cm@nofo.no.

Download the HSE Handbook


The HSE folder is divided into four parts and aimed at personnel taking part in oil spill response operations. The folder contains criteria, guidelines and auxiliary tools for HSE work in an oil spill response operation or drill (referred to in this document as an “operation”) It is based on experience gathered by NOFO, the NCA and Bergen IUA in connection with oil spill response operations.

The HSE folder has been compiled to bring about a shared understanding of HSE and uniform practice among national, municipal and private-sector oil spill response organisations, and a positive HSE culture with increased knowledge of health, the working environment, the external environment and safety during oil spill response operations, in the coastal zone, on the shoreline and on vessels.

The HSE folder is used to ensure that work on vessels and on the shoreline during oil spill response operations is carried out safely without harm to personnel, equipment or the environment (secondary contamination).

The folder also contains various forms that can be used to document the HSE work carried out in connection with an oil spill response operation.