Technological developments

We design and promote concept proposals for new or improved oil spill response technology.

NOFO actively contributes to the development of technologies and methodologies with the potential to evolve into commercially available sets of equipment and systems capable of functioning in diverse scenarios.

After rigorous testing and trials to ensure the equipment's operational mode and robustness, an offshore "practical exam" is essential. This involves using the equipment in a relevant situation with oil on the sea. Annually, in June, NOFO organizes the "Oil on Water" (OPV) drill in the Frigg field in the North Sea. This drill allows NOFO/the NCA to assess systems and equipment in conditions approximating real-life scenarios involving oil on the sea. A successful outcome in these drills is internationally recognized as a mark of quality.

NOFO actively seeks innovative ideas that can advance technology and methodologies in oil spill response. Individuals are invited to present short proposals to a panel of experts at NOFO.

It's important to note that NOFO, being focused on operational activities, has limited resources available for active development work.

Examples of how NOFO works with technological developments:

  • Drones

    Safer and more cost-effective oil spill prevention with drones

    Drones can spot oil spills, detect toxic gases and monitor the coast more cost effectively and in many cases more safely than both planes and helicopters.

    Drone technology is developing fast, and in recent years NOFO and its partners have notched up several successful tests using drones in preparedness drills. Among other things, NOFO has contributed to the development of a fixed-wing drone that has been used on multiple occasions in NOFO’s drills.

  • Maritime Broadband


    Maritime Broadband Radio (MBR) enables better and more secure exchange of information, which in turn can help to limit damage in the event of accidents and spills.

    To date, 12 area vessels in NOFO’s resource pool have been fitted with the MBR technology.

    Frode Engen is responsible for Technological Developments and Research & Development (R&D).