Important information about Covid-19

We are working from home but are fully operative.

28.09.2020 News

Important information about how we handle Covid 19

In general

In March 2020 we introduced rules to control and limit infection. We continue to ensure that these rules are followed, also in instances of travelling.

Crisis staff was established and continues to function.  
Due to recent weeks’ increase in infection, we are slowing down the reopening of our offices. Those who work from home, will continue to do so for another period of time.

For predictability and simplification, we have classified our mitigating actions. (Alene skaper dette mer spørsmål enn svar, forslag: fjerne setningen eller utdype litt mer).  Each period is in principle 8 weeks and will be reviewed 2 weeks before the end of the period.

Emergency preparedness

Our emergency preparedness remain intact.

Exercises for the on-call teams are executed weekly via Teams.

In the case of an incident, the on-call team meets virtually. Crisis Lead will decide if a physical meeting and staffing of the emergency central is needed.

The emergency central has been adapted to adhere to all official rules to limit Covid19, in addition to the extra precautionary requirements by NOFO.

NOFO activities are subject to thorough risk assessment, and with all necessary precautions to limit infection.

All courses and exercises are risk assessed.

Help us limit infection:

1) Wash your hands
2) Sneeze/cough in your elbow
3) Care for each other

Any questions can be directed to: 
Veronica Halvorsen, 47170906