Important information about Covid-19

We are working from home but are fully operative.
19.03.2020 News

We have implemented a number of measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

From 12 March to and including 31 May 2020, the following activities will be cancelled or postponed. 

  • All travel (domestic and international) that is not critical for emergency preparedness (does not apply to incidents/actions)
  • All drills (including ordinary standby team drills)
  • All courses – both internal and external
  • All meetings/seminars
  • All visits to NOFO’s offices in Forus and Hammerfest

Our standby teams will carry out their meetings digitally. Everyone has access to our emergency preparedness system from home.

In the event of an acute incident, the standby team will meet at our emergency preparedness centre in Forus. Our bases and depots will complete any essential work and reduce activities that are not critical for oil spill preparedness.

Join in the voluntary effort

1) Wash your hands 

2) Sneeze and cough into your elbow

3) Take care of each other