Bivrost oil spill prepareness exercise

The oil spill preparedness exercise, Bivrost, focuses on the Goliat Field.

We know there is enormous strength in getting to know one another before we go into action. That’s why joint drills of this kind are so important for both parties.

The Bivrost drill is a full-scale exercise that will encompass all the management levels in an oil spill response operation, resources in the field, and NOFO’s management structure for prolonged events. The Exercise will take place in the Goliat Field as well as several strategically important locations along the Finnmark coast.

The Goliat field is located in the Barents Sea, approximately 88 km northwest of Hammerfest. Goliat was the first oil field to start production in the northernmost section of the Norwegian continental shelf.

Teamwork and communication

Communication and teamwork are the guiding stars in Vår Energi and NOFO’s planning of this autumn’s Bivrost excercise.

Vår Energi has been safely producing oil and gas from the Goliat Field since its start-up in 2016 and plans to continue doing so for many years to come. Oil spill response exercises such as this are a core part of the work to strengthen preparedness in the Barents Sea on an ongoing basis.

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The preparedness exercise will take place off the Finnmark coast, but NOFO and Vår Energi’s preparedness management teams will be based at Forus, an industrial district of Stavanger.

In cooperation with Vår Energi

Vår Energi and NOFO are conducting the drill as a joint exercise, with the shared objective of practicing teamwork and communication within and between preparedness levels for dealing with a prolonged event. This includes establishing a common operating picture and communicating correct information at the right time to the parties concerned.

Although no oil from activities on the Norwegian continental shelf has ever reached land, NOFO’s task is to ensure that all the parties involved know what they have to do should this happen in the future. It is important that tools, expertise, and communications have all been tested and drilled.

We practice to be prepared.

Who’s taking part?

  • Vår Energi
  • NOFO’s member organisations
  • The Norwegian Coastal Administration
  • IUA Midt- og Nord-Troms
  • IUA Øst-Finnmark
  • IUA Vest-Finnmark
  • IUA Midt-Finnmark
  • Miljøteam
  • The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association
  • County Governor of Troms og Finnmark, Department of Environmental Protection
  • Subcontractors
  • SAR
  • Bring