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Dimensioned oil recovery preparedness in Norway

The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) has a single strategic goal: To ensure that oil recovery preparedness is always dimensioned in keeping with the needs and contingency plans of the operating companies.

The Norwegian model

Since its establishment in 1978, NOFO has endeavoured to become a recognised and leading oil recovery organisation. We have achieved that goal. Norway ranks among the best in the world an other countries look to us when it comes to oil recovery preparedness.

NOFO conducts around 100 exercises each year and, two to three times a year, we conduct exercises that involve several hundred people and 30-50 vessels. These exercises involve the entire organisation and are intended to prepare every single participant by simulating realistic scenarios.


  • A member organisation for operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • Headquarters in Sandnes, office in Hammerfest, five bases along the Norwegian coast and two depots.
  • 34 employees
  • Handles courses, preparedness and technology development, and prepare courses for the members, and others
  • Part of the national preparedness model that combines public as well as other private oil spill response resources
  • NOFO holds the chariman position in Global Response Network (GNR). The GRN consists of organisations from around the world who specialise in oil spill response.
  • Vision and goals

    NOFO's vision: NOFO is to become a recognised, leading, effective an robust oil recovery organisation.

    Our primary strategic goal is to ensure that oil recovery preparedness is dimensioned at all times in keeping with the needs of the operating companies and contingency plans.

    Our most important goal is to carry out our work in a safe and responsible manner that does not result in harm to personell, excessive damage to the environment or material assets.

  • Board of Directors

    Richard Miller 
    Aker BP

    Siri Nesbø 
    Deputy Chairman
    Centrica Energy

    Erik Bjørnbom 
    Board member 
    Eni Norge AS

    Espen Enge 
    Board member 
    Repsol Expl. Norge AS

    Stein Arild Tonning 
    Board member
    Faroe Petroleum Norge AS

    Janne Lea 
    Board member 

    Philippe F. Mathieu 
    Board member
    Statoil Petroleum AS

  • Organisation Chart

  • Annual Report 2017

    In 2017, NOFO (The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies) has once again experienced a high level of activity and completed many assignments.

    With its numerous activities and frequent drills and training sessions, NOFO has demonstrated its ability to cover the needs of its members for robust oil spill preparedness on the Norwegian continental shelf. NOFO has carried out risk assessments of activities, and there has been a central focus on successful execution of HSE.

    Throughout 2017, NOFO has focused on activities related to oil spill preparedness in areas with cold temperatures and ice. With such activities, NOFO has demonstrated the industry’s capacity to operate in remote areas in the Barents Sea.

    - Richard Miller, Chairman of the Board

    Download and read the 2017 Annual Report 

  • Contact adresses

    Visiting/delivery address Sandnes:
    Vassbotnen 1
    4313 Sandnes

    Post adress:
    P.O. Box 8077, Forus
    N-4068 Stavanger 

    Phone:                +47 51 56 30 00
    Fax:                +47 51 56 23 98
    Mailing adress:      post@nofo.no

    Invoice adress:
    P.O. Box 8077, Forus
    N-4068 Stavanger or post@nofo.no

    Organization number  
    NO 971 454 075 MVA

    Visiting/delivery address Hammerfest:

    Hammerfest Næringshage 
    Sjøgata 6